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Taking Great Reference Photos Of Your Pet
All commissioned pet Portraits are done from photos of your pet.  You can email me digital photos that you have taken yourself or snail mail me photos you have taken (preferably on a 35mm camera). 

The following are some helpful tips I have put together to help you take great pictures of your pet that will make your photos suitable for painting a portrait from...

Use natural light whenever possible, it is always preferred over indoor flash.  Photograph your pet in an outside setting or inside, near a window with enough light that a flash is not required.  Early morning or late afternoon light is a softer, more angled light.

Always take the photograph from the level of your pet.  Kneel down or put your pet up on a piece of furniture that brings your pet eye level to you and your camera.  Standing and pointing the camera down at your pet creates an unflattering distortion and is very hard to create a "likeness" from.

Avoid using a wide angle lens that will distort proportions.  Move further away from your pet and use a telephoto lens
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